We maintain an extensive referral network. We will gladly refer your pet into the care of board-certified specialists for additional diagnostic and surgical procedures, when this service is in your best interest.

Mobile Bovine and Equine

The Animal Clinic supports two ambulatory hospital units to deliver on-farm services. Obstetrical work, care of injured animals and routine herd healthcare are included. Our clients also benefit from twenty-four hour emergency care.


We offer dental ultrasonic scaling and polishing, which improves your pet’s quality of life and aids in preventing a multitude of related health problems. We also provide routine dental care for our equine friends.


Veterinary Surgery PhotoOur doctors are trained in the most up-to-date surgical techniques avaliable. Our state-of-the-art anesthetic equipment and protocols provide the maximum level of safety avaliable. We are capable of routine and many specialized surgical procedures, and we have an extensive referral network service for those procedures requiring specialized training and equipment.


Ultrasound Services PhotoSonogram services are available and offer the incredible technology of ultrasound. Internal medicine applications are limitless but early pregnancy diagnosis is the most common application. Real-time images can even be captured and printed for the proud parents to admire at home!

Radiology Services

Radiology Services PhotoOur radiology department offers the benefits of x-ray technology to provide radiographic diagnostics for internal medicine, cardiology and orthopedic cases. Our portable x-ray unit allows us to take on-farm equine and bovine radiographs.


Laboratory Services PhotoOur hospital facility has a fully equipped on-site laboratory. Results of blood work, in most cases, are immediate and serve the needs of both large and small animals.